To kill, or not to kill? Maryland answers the question. Sherman & Plano, TX Criminal Defense Lawyer

syringe-1336409-m.jpgKudos to the people of Maryland for finally putting an end to state sanctioned homicide. All life is precious, including the lives of those who may not “deserve” to keep living. But, an interesting thing happened on the way to humanity. What is Maryland to do with its “inventory” of formerly suitable gurney candidates? A recent Wall Street Journal article notes that the state is giving a permanent stay-of-execution to the condemned, a welcome Christmas present. It notes that only 35 people were executed in America in 2014, and only seven states joined in the historical passtime. A tip of the hat to outgoing governor Martin O’Malley, who said that executing Maryland’s final four death row inmates “does not serve the public good of the people of Maryland.”

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