The Criminal Lawyer from Sherman, Texas (Part 2)

MicahAndGerry.jpgOver the years, I have tried many jury trials and achieved real results for real people. I only represent human beings faced with loss of freedom and property, and I play to win. I am not a “settlement” lawyer who gets the best deal possible and talks the client into it. I get the best deal possible and give people the reasons in favor of taking it and the reasons to reject it and go to trial. It is 100% the accused’s decision, which I can help them make correctly.

In recognition of my work for real people, I was one of 55 trial lawyers in America selected to attend the July 2009 Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers College, an annual three-week-long trial training school in Wyoming. At the college, legendary trial lawyer Gerry Spence and many of the most successful trial lawyers in America taught us how to be ourselves and communicate better with everyday people. We also learned how to better listen to those we defend. We learned advanced techniques on how to understand our cases to the fullest, so we can truly speak to the judge or jury on a person’s behalf. I stay very active with Trial Lawyer’s College to keep becoming a better lawyer.

Also to become a better lawyer, in the last five years I have completed over 132.25 hours of Texas criminal law continuing legal education (only 15 annual hours in any subject area is required). This year alone, I have attended a postconviction remedy seminar in Austin, an advanced criminal defense course in San Antonio, and am scheduled to again take the State Bar’s Advanced Criminal Law seminar. Criminal defense is not an easy job if done right, so make sure that any lawyer you choose has a reputation both for knowing criminal law very well and has a reputation for being a trial lawyer. Ask them to show you their jury trial results for the last three years and you may be surprised.

I also had the honor this year of being elected, by my fellow criminal defense lawyers around the State, to the board of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association. In this position I help represent local criminal defense lawyers on the board of the best criminal defense organization in the Country.

Finally, I have fought for clients ranging from some of the largest drug dealers in the country in Federal court to numerous DWI trials in state court. I approach every case with the same determination to win because my repuation is on every case, and someone’s life is on every case. Criminal law is what I do. I treat my job as a called profession, and normally work every day because that is the effort it takes to get ahead in the courtroom. I do not have a wife or kids or anything else to take up large amounts of time – just work.

Thank you for visiting my blog, and please visit my websites or email me at if you have time. I would be glad to discuss your case if you are facing charges if you call for a free consultation. I would like to get to know you better as a person so I can better speak on your behalf. If you are facing criminal charges, you need a real voice that will fight for you.

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