The Collin County Circus is still in town… Sherman & Plano, TX Criminal Defense Lawyer (Part 1)

A reported sixth grand jury empanelled on the matter in Collin County finally rubber-stamped a criminal prosecution of elected 380th District Judge Suzanne Wooten, who had the gall to run against and beat incumbent judge Charles Sandoval in 2008. Previous recent crazy goings on in Collin County include CollinCounty.jpginclude 1) the State somehow obtaining a search warrant for a well respected defense lawyer’s offices looking for evidence against his client in a capital case , 2) lawyers being indicted for clerical mistakes in their court filings, and 3) rumors of an investigation of the Repubican frontrunner and current nominee for DIstrict Attorney, who is well known to be squeaky clean. This all came on the heels of postconviction proceedings revealing that a former elected district attorney and elected judge presiding over a death penalty case were doing the naughty with each other during the trial of a capital murder case. Of course, this news is overshadowed by the scandal regarding District Clerk time management skills.

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